About swan yi moe


  • 2011 - 2014
    Magway University

    B.SC (Geology)

    I graduated with Bachelor of Science (Geology) from Magway University, Myanmar in 2015.


  • 2019 - 2024
    Sumitomo Mitsu Construction Co., Ltd

    Land Surveyor

    Projects : No.3 Bago River Bridge Construction Project (Yangon, Myanmar) (Total Length=2.675KM, Total Width=22.9M) : ENHANCING Technological University Construction (Yangon, Myanmar) Duties and Responsibilities, • Conducted detailed topographic, construction, road, bridge and bathymetric surveying for a variety projects. • Utilized total station, theodolite, RTK, levels, depth sounder, data collectors and GPS equipment to accurately sites. • Prepared and maintained accurate drawings, volume calculation and records of survey data with Auto Cad 2D, Civil 3D land desktop and Microsoft Office. • Measured and inspected buildings, bridge construction, topographic and road surveying. • Control points (BM Points) Traversing and Levelling for Construction. • Submission of as built External / Internal Versatility / Horizontality / Alignment. • Points layout and checked for SPSP piles, bole piles, and sheet piles driving on land and river. • Setting out Pile Cap, column, curve, ramp, reference grid line, landscape, reference level for internal and external. • Calculation of pile cut-off level checking and calculation of ECC. • As-Built and checking for settlement, verticality and eccentricity of ( SPSP ) works, Earth-works, Pier Column works, Bearing pad and Anchor Bolt installation works, Girder works and Super Structure works etc. • Monitoring for segment mound production at bridge construction. • Inspection checked for consultant and sub-constructor’s survey works. • Management and preparing reports of construction projects. • Coordination & supervision of technical as part of Construction Projects. • Work closely with the project team on technical issue and provide advice. • Can work under of Japanese, Philippines, and foreign management team.

  • 2016 - 2019
    Kisoku Giken Myanmar Co., Ltd

    Land Surveyor and Assistant Surveyor

    Projects : Sub-Project for Expansion of Yangon Port in Thilawa (Thilawa, Yangon, Myanmar) : New project for Yakult Myanmar (Thilawa, Yangon, Myanmar) Duties and Responsibilities, • Assisted with layout of construction projects, ensuring accuracy of all measurements. • Carried out topographic survey and construction survey. • Setting out positions and levelling an underground earthing line. • Setting out for pile cap and column grid line, Offset line and boundary line. • Point setting out for site fences, buildings, manhole, drain pipelines. • Measuring the position of infrastructure roads and slope production areas. • Traverse surveying for horizontal and vertical control. • Settlement Levelling Monitor for Building, Road, and Jetty. • Measured topographic surveying and mapping and maintained volume calculation with Civil 3D land desktop. • Developed and implemented survey plans and producers to ensure optimal efficiency.


Land Surveying
Engineering Surveying
Bridge and Construction Surveying
Road and Railway Surveying
Topographic and Mapping Survey Training
Auto Cad 2D
Civil 3D Land Desktop
Microsoft Office


Chinese ((Mandarin)

Honors & awards

  • 2016

    Land Surveying Certificate

    * Land Surveying Basic and Theory * Auto Level, Theodolite, Total Station Application * Topographic Surveying * Construction Surveying * Hand GPS * Auto CAD Basic Course * Auto Cad Civil 3D Land Desktop

  • 2016
  • 2011

    Certificate of Competence

    * Window Operation System * Microsoft Word 2007 * Microsoft Excel 2007 * Microsoft Power Point 2007 * Email and internet * Adobe PageMaker 7.0